When it comes to video game development, you want a digital design studio that will listen to your needs and make your concepts a reality.

Zero8 Studios near Las Vegas, NV has the experience and tenacity to do exactly that. For over ten years, we have provided clients with quality service and cutting edge multimedia solutions. A Machine design company with experience, dedication and case studies of successful projects. (History of machine game design)

As a video game developer, we have expertise in every medium – such as mobile, PC, and console, just to name a few. We have guided clients from early concept phases straight through to post-production marketing, and can help you develop story, characters, and much more.

Our services also include both design and development of slot and casino gaming for mobile and casino cabinet gaming. We can create a brand new slot game concept, or freshen up existing content of games that have become dated. Our experience allows us to really listen to our clients and work with them to decide what it’s best for their audience. 

For more information or to start discussing your next multimedia project, call us at 844-DEV-GAME or send an email to info@zero8studios.com today!

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Zero8 Studios is an award winning machine designing company based out of Reno, Las Vegas & San Francisco. Their cutting edge video game design and development has increased ROI for some of the worlds leading resorts and casinos.

Schedule a private consultation with a game design expert by calling (844) 338-4263. Our dedicated team of designers, developers and user experience experts will be happy to review your plans for growing this year.

Slot machine design is gaining on the future. Learn how mobile slot game design is reaching a new market and growing at break neck speeds.