Educating clients and schools on the video games we all love to play is among the many things we do at Zero 8 Studios. We do this because we know that plenty of people dream of making games, and with enough understanding of game development, this dream could become a reality.

One of the many questions we get from people, to our surprise, aside from “Did you make Call of Duty?” Is “How do these worlds, characters and stories come together to build a game?” This is a two part answer; first we determine what kind of team is required. Then we establish what a “game engine” does and how it facilitates our project.

The game engine is the crux of game design. “A game engine? What kind of engine is that?” No, they have nothing to do with fancy Italian sports cars, though some engines used to cost as much. These days with the evolution of games in the mobile world, engine companies have become highly competitive and much more inexpensive.

Moreover, with the demand for more engaging experiences and higher-end graphics on our mobile devices, we are arguably approaching the quality of the last generation of consoles, for a much lesser price point. The only way to stay competitive is through the use of a game engine such as the Unreal, Unity, CryEngine or Cocos 2D. This is where the game engine comes into play and where we stand out from the crowd.

As a studio, Zero 8 is not just another fly-by-night programmer looking to make a buck building a cheap game, because they happen to buy the tools and have and a degree in computer science. Blatant plug: We offer the unique understanding of game engines, game design and development, through not only engineering, but with emersion and storytelling. What we offer is game design as an art form using the right experience, tools and organization required to build anything you can dream up.

These game engines allow our talented team to do what we do best. We build beautiful, fun, and compelling game experiences. Our games push the envelope on the gaming world for little to no cost of entry, aside from development. With experience all the way back to Unreal Engine 2 in the early 2000’s, we pride ourselves in the knowledge and understanding of game development, that can’t be had from just anyone. Game engines allow us to combine art, engineering and storytelling together. This is the recipe for the next game craze. And no, sorry, we didn’t make COD.