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SpinRUSH™ – The Premier Social Gaming Platform

The only social casino platform that combines all social games into one place, your branded Casinocade™

Monetize your property with Free-to-Play games, in-game advertisements, promotions and more. The SpinRUSH™ platform is your complete solution to a white-labeled social casino and arcade, bringing players together from around the world.

The evolution of the social gaming platform has finally arrived.

  • Simulated gaming, arcades, skill game’s and much more.
  • One centralized in-game virtual credit system. 
  • Offer giveaways and prizes based on your own custom criteria. 
  • Market to your audience both on and off property. 
  • Create real-time promotions and advertisements on the fly via the client dashboard. 
  • Simple integration into properties existing mobile app. 
  • Consistently updated with new and exciting games. 
  • 100% White labeled and in your control.  Just add your brand and it’s ready to go.


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Platform Features

  • 100% Free-to-Play Games
    • A single, simple to use credit system used across every game with unique in-app purchases per game.  No different than classic arcade tokens.
  • White Labeled Product
    • Directly connected to current property app.
    • The SpinRUSH™ platform allows for complete branding of any property within the game lobby and select games.
  • Property Advertisements & Promotions
    • In-game ads for restaurants, shops, attractions and more.
    • Drive traffic to your property by advertising giveaways for cash, prizes and discounts.
  • Updates
    • Free platform updates, social features
    • New games every month.

Instant Revenue

  • There is no cost for integration and is completely free to add to your existing app.
  • Monetize directly from your existing database of patrons via direct email marketing.
  • Players buy more credits as they run out to gain more play time assisted by a Class 3 math model.
  • Millennial focused games and mechanics, increased player retention.
  • The global credit system creates for a simple, easy to use and uniform in-game currency via in-app purchases.

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Millennial inspired games

“Games built for the players of tomorrow and today”

  • Connecting with the millennial generation is the new challenge for casinos and resorts alike.

    • Unique and compelling game-play experiences exclusively for the non-slot players.
    • Expanding to the dozens of skill based games, going beyond “spin and win” games.
    • Players will now be able play in every genre of game.
    • Expanded game genres from Slots, Cards, RPG’s, Infinite runners,  Match3, RTS’s and more!

Kiosk Platform – PES

Promotional Entertainment System

  • Looking for a way to get more attention to your property?
  • How would you like to entice all of your customers to join your player rewards system?
  • Looking to engage the portion of your audience who might not ever spend a dime?
  • Need your kiosk to reflect your brand?
  • Do you want the ability to change out the game and experience on the fly?
  • Looking for a modern way for patrons to interact and connect with one another?
  • Looking to for a seamless interpretation into your existing player reward system?
  • Need a simple solution that won’t be intimidating to an older audience?
  • The Zero8 PES Platform integrates perfectly with any existing player reward system.  
  • Designed specifically to appeal to any audience, captivating their attention by introducing game play mechanics found in most social game experiences.
  • Introducing leveling up, earning achievements, and personal collections to grab your players attention and keep it, using the PES solution.

The Solution is Zero8 Technology

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  • Using multiple synchronized touch screen displays coupled with the appeal and interaction of a modern day video games.
  • Giving your audience something bright, interactive, and immersive means increased player retention.
  • The millennial generation is used to Free-To-Play games and require more from their game experiences than just a ticket pull.
  • We get them invested by offering a deeper experience using level-ups, collection mechanics, achievements and more.
  • Completely white labeled for use on any property.
  • 100% reskinable solution.  Update the games’ look and feel as often as you like.
  • The more fun your players have socially the more fun they will have on your property.
  • Fully equipped with connections to property comps, tickets,  free-play, tournaments, etc.
  • Our one button touch system mimics the simplicity of a touchscreen tablet.
  • Contact Us for more information regarding our Kiosk Platform.