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Monetize your business, resort or casino with Free-to-Play games, in-game advertisements, promotions and more. The SpinRUSH® platform is your complete solution to white-labeled social games, bringing players together from around the world.

Guaranteed marketing impressions every time your player plays one of our addictive games.

All new match3’s, tap shooters, role-playing games as well as blackjack, video poker, keno, slots and new games every month.

Building your business with games, for FREE.


Product Highlights

  • 100% turn-key solution, no integration required.
  • Completely white labeled product, in your control.
  • Includes dozens of social games, skill games, cards and much more.
  • Addictive high-end content and social features.
  • Your customers stay your customers.
  • Allows for marketing to your audience anywhere in the world.
  • Expand on your existing audience through social media.
  • Create real-time promotions, advertisements and see player data via the client web portal
  • Free updates with new and exciting games every month!

Product Features


Product Features

  • Seamless integration
    • Connected to any existing app, use our stand alone app or expand to the web version.
  • Complete White-label solution
    • Allows for dozens of branding opportunities all with one link.
  • An untapped revenue stream
    • Instant revenue that taps into a market of people who already play games, and now they can play yours socially. No longer do you customers need to be on site to gain their business, now you can monetize on them from anywhere in the world, day or night.
  • Advertisements & Promotions
    • In-game support for custom ads. Easily add restaurants, shops, attractions, sales and more to the branded experience.
    • Drive traffic to your business or property by advertising giveaways, contests, and promotions.
  • Platform Updates
    • Free continuous platform updates, social features.
    • New games every month. 
  • Direct marketing
    • You are already marketing your business. Connect the SpinRUSH™ platform to customers with ease through mailing lists, blogs, websites, print materials, QR codes, SMS and more!

Instant Revenue

Monetization through Entertainment:

  • Your players will spend money on games within the platform. With dozens of way to monetize from your players.
  • For every dollar your players spend you earn a rev-share.
  • When a player clicks on your advertisement, you gain new business by directing them anywhere you like.
  • Every time your player watches a video advertisement you keep a percentage of the ad revenue through ad impressions.
  • If your player clicks a video ad you keep a percentage of the “clicked” ad revenue though.
  • Gain advertising impressions to your brand at no charge.
  • Players stay very well incentivised to share their game progress on social media with your brand. Attracting new customers to your business with every share, at no charge.

Games and Entertainment are the leading ways to monetize.

Social Casino Player Spending and Habits 2017.

The team at Zero8 Studios is an exceptional group of gaming technologists that have strategically developed an un-paralleled social and promotional gaming platform; creating an individual property brand based game solutions that will allow Casino and Resort properties to gain instant revenue and exposure to the mass market, including millennials. Their stunning reputation working with other high profile properties makes me personally very excited to be working with this exceptional team.

Bob CashellFormer Mayor of Reno

The innovative game concept that Zero8 Studios crafted far surpassed our expectations. When they initially pitched Worlds of the Eldorado, we were collectively elated to get the project started. The final result has been nothing short of perfection. The team has worked in tandem with our visual, audio, engineering, and marketing teams, seamlessly. Their new promotional platform has become the new centerpiece to our property.

Peggy SelveyExecutive Director of Casino Marketing / Eldorado Casino & Resorts

Zero8 Studios continues to impress by bringing high-quality innovative game promotions to our casino. They work closely with our marketing and development teams to introduce fun, engaging concepts that keep our players coming back for more. Their vast experience in game development and superior quality make them the perfect combination of talents for all of our promotional needs.

Rodney TurlanDirector of Entertainment Silver Legacy Resort / Casino