SpinRUSH® Games has a new update with brand new features! SpinRUSH® now includes leader boards!  Compete with your friends, and see their progress as they play games! Logging into Facebook the first time you receive 20,000 credits, so don’t wait! Do you have more stars in Slots than your friends? What about Beachcomber? Have you completed all 100 levels? Leader boards bring a new level of competition to your game!

In the daily rewards window, two new tabs are now active. These are the quests and achievement tabs.

Daily Quests have also been added allowing you additional rewards for completing them. There are different quests for different games, but if you find that one is too difficult, or you don’t feel like playing that game, you’re allowed to discard the quest once and receive another random quest. You receive one quest a day, and can have up to three at any time.

SpinRUSH® now features achievements! These can be completed at any time, and are achieved by doing all sorts of things in SpinRUSH®! For instance, you can complete an achievement simply by collecting your daily gift!

Highlight feature: A new real-time world wide progressive jackpot has been added to both Keno, and Double Double Bonus Video Poker! You must max bet in both games to qualify.

Quests, achievements and daily rewards will give added credits for free and are a great way to find interesting ways to play SpinRUSH®!

SpinRUSH™ still has all your favorite slot, table and arcade games. Don’t forget to try the new version of Video Poker – Double Double Bonus! Have you completed all 100 levels of Beachcomber?

Release notes:

SpinRUSH® Games Version 2.4.0

  • Friends list has been added, for Facebook friends who play SpinRUSH™ and you are able to see each others progress.
  • Leader boards have been added to all games and lobbies which allow you to compete with your friends!
  • A progressive jackpot has been added to Keno and Double Double Bonus Video Poker. To be able to qualify for the progressive, you must max bet in both games.

Added quests and achievements for all games. These are tracked in the same window as daily rewards.

Bug Fixes:
– Corrected a payout issue in Blackjack if the dealer bust and the player had been dealt a blackjack.
– Corrected a few UI presentation issues that could occur in Blackjack, Video Poker, and Beachcomber.
– Misc. Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, and dozens of cosmetic improvements.

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