Simulation Software Development

Our Studio is useful, not only in a courtroom, but in many other aspects of business.  Our team can provide high end, polished and professional digital media at any level. 

Real life, Real-time 3D Simulations

Zero8’s 3D simulations can be used for advertisement online, in commercials, apps, as well as in print.  Real life, real-time 3D simulation has evolved to almost seamlessly simulate reality for the ultimate business function, demonstration and gaming experience. Allowing Zero8 to architect a reflection of a real world experience is enlisting the services of years of experience with happy clients. We can help your business affordable demonstrate your products virtually and remotely.

Whether presenting for a trade shows, a sales meeting or product training, our design team will give your target audience the most hands-on experience possible. A potential client is able to experience any physical product virtually, in real-time 3D simulation simply by downloading an app or opening a web link.

Simulation Services Include:

  • Custom Simulation Engineering built to Specification, Custom 3D Environments/Props, Characters and/or Mechanics, 3D Animation,User Interface, Sound/Voice over/music, Multi-platform development (iOS, Android, Web & PC)

News: Zero8 assists Ristenpart LAW in winning multiple cases by providing simulated demonstrable evidence.
Read more: Burgarello Acquittal, Julian Acox

Here locally, in Reno Nevada, our studio assisted in the very public Burgarello case.  Whether a person agrees with the outcome in court or not, there is a quest to find the truth in every court of law.  Zero8 is proud to have assisted Ristenpart Law in the acquittal of their client Wayne Burgarello.  He was charged with murder. Our studio recreated the crime scene digitally, to show the exact scenario that Mr. Burgarello was faced with, the evening in question.  Court cases are seldom black or white.  The jury’s responsibility is to find reasonable doubt, and in the Burgarello case, we did just that. Our studio is capable of rendering crime scenes, recreating scenarios digitally, as well as printable demonstrable assets to be used in the courtroom.

Client Testimonials 

Jurors today expect a lot during a trial.  No longer will some flip charts and some 2-D stock graphics suffice.  Zero8 Studios helps me win cases by assisting me in showing the juror scenarios and forensics.  For example, I had a complex self-defense case (State of Nevada v. Wayne Burgarello) where I needed to show how the body was positioned.  The team at Zero8 met with us numerous times as my investigator posed on the floor in order to tweak little aspects of the 3-D picture.  The result was a beautiful and highly effective 3-D rendering illustrating key points in the defense, resulting in an acquittal.  Their work ethic is phenomenal and their team is dedicated to perfecting their product.

I highly recommend Zero 8 to other attorneys for trial graphics.

Theresa Ristenpart, Esq.Criminal Defense and International Law - Ristenpart Law

Dazzling juries with understandable and dramatic 3D graphics depicting lifelike situations relevant to argument at trial is a far cry from the old days of yawning PowerPoint trial presentations. The guys at Zero8 are at the top of their class in creating graphics that impress juries at trial. I have recently investigated two major homicide cases here in Reno, in which Theresa Ristenpart, of Ristenpart Law, utilized Zero8 to help her create a dramatic presentation before the jury…the jury was impressed, they “got it”, and we won!! Not saying that the graphics won the case, but they made an obvious impact on the jury. Tom and Ryan were accessible, willing, able, and determined to meet our needs down to the finest nuances of our requests…and they did. Their product and customer service is outstanding.

April HigueraOwner/Principal Agent - ADH Investigation

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