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What makes a company enticing?  What makes a movie marketable? This is what any advertising company would need to ask themselves.  The answer is really so much more.  Nowadays it’s not just about what your company sells, or what you offer for entertainment. Image and presence have hit the market at an all time high!  People are inundated with shiny and flashy ads on their TVs, phones, and handheld devices the majority of their day.  You have to be innovative.  You have to sell, or educate within seconds, or your potential customer is scrolling to the next newest or greatest thing the internet has to offer.  Zero8 has the solution to the mundane.  Taking our background in gaming and inserting that engaging type of experience into selling and marketing your business. Adding 3D Animation to your TV, film or cinematic production has never been easier. Zero8 Studios in Reno, NV has an experienced team available to not only help you evolve your vision, but put that vision to work in TV, film, and cinema.

Whether your concept is more creative, or has a more technical edge, our designers will work to understand the needs of your production and strive to create beautiful 3D animations that will satisfy and surpass all your expectations. No job is too small, and no idea is too large for our team.  When you contact Zero8 with your ideas, our team will embrace your vision as if it were their own.

No matter what your venture may be, our designers have the ability to help you market your product using targeted promotional footage that includes either 3D digital content or motion graphics. Our designers will work with you to set the right tone for your product or promotion, and will create a beautiful work of digital art that will convey the message you want to send.

“We approached Ryan Cullins, President of Zero 8 because we had a difficult graphic design requiring not only creative design experience, but 3D skills as well. By taking a one-dimensional flat art that was previously used for duratrans, Zero 8 was able to create a completely revolutionized graphic. The challenge was that the graphic needed both a three-dimensional graphic detailing a floor plan and a significant amount of text all compressed into a 1080 pixel wide by 1920 pixel high image. After several iterations of layouts and colors, the result graphic (a mall directory) was then approved by the customer and deployed to a major mall in the US.

One thing we really liked was Zero8’s abilities and talent with not only the graphic presentation, but the 3D modeling as well. We found the experience to be superior, as their will to “get it right” and work with last minutes changes shows that they go above and beyond.

We would recommend Zero 8 to anyone needing professional graphic design.” 

Mike Pristow
General Manager – Northern Nevada Operation
Vision Control Associates


Digital Media Services:

  • Televised un-scripted reality programming
  • Televised commercial advertising
  • Special live event promotions and production
  • Corporate media projects
  • Corporate Branding
  • Corporate public relations
  • Corporate video productions
  • Product demonstrations
  • Interactive consumer experiences (self-serve kiosks)
  • Architectural visualizations
  • Product visualizations
  • Simulated experiences
  • Event Advertising
  • Story boarding, Scripting, 3D Animation, Sound, Creative Design, Voice Over and More

Why is the visual delivery of your brand important?



To quote one of the most brilliant men in our lifetime, “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t  have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -Steve Jobs

For more information on the 3D animation services available from Zero8 Studios,

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