virtual reality App Development

We help our clients show the true potential in their services, products and technology through the use of full-featured, expandable applications that are streamlined for usability, flow and user engagement.  Our application development process is unparalleled and creates a user experience one would expect from today’s powerful devices.

Founded on cutting-edge technology from the gaming industry, Zero 8 has evolved its production techniques into beautifully crafted responsive application designs with much of the engagement of a game.  We don’t just build your application with the quality one would expect from over a decade of experience, we will work closely with you to ensure the best possible design for your business every step of the way.

Apps are quickly becoming something that every business should have.  Whether you are looking to retain an audience, or reach a new one, Zero 8 will help you focus your business’s products, services, and technologies in an intuitive and organized fashion through the use of application design.


Our applications are designed with user flow and function at the forefront by using the methodologies and common practices from major manufacturers seen on the market today.  A thorough explanation of every aspect of the users’ experience is plotted out and tested dozens of time before a line of code is written. This will simultaneously ensure a positive experience for your customers as well as create a proper explanation for your business.  Using an intuitive and informative pre-production process, Zero 8 Studios will step you through every unique feature and component of the design of the application to ensure proper build-out of the final product.  This keeps our clients in constant communication with our development team and removes possible chance of miscommunications.

Why do I need it?

At Zero 8, we create applications that are not a replacement for your website, but an extension thereof.  We do this by focusing its user experience on exactly what your business sells or promotes.  Creating a unique experience engages your customers with an intuitive design, user interface and fine-tuned functionality making it easy to find the information they need when they need it.

Why use a game company to design your application?

The nuances of a building a cross-platform application with material design philosophies is not the same as building the next big responsive website.  It’s an interactive extension of your brand, allowing your business to access easily untapped into revenue.  By creating more engaging and intuitive experiences, we plan to retain our audiences for years to come through the use of “gamified” designs.

There are many important factors when building apps in today’s market, but the key is how to retain your audience and create brand loyalty.  The Zero 8 difference is not just building an intuitive app.  We will bring your application to life and heighten your user’s level of engagement and in-turn “gamify” your application experience through the use of achievements and interactive user experiences, encouraging their continuous return.

Allow Zero 8 to design, build and manage your next app.  From mobile loyalty programs to fully interactive product and service-based applications, Zero 8 has the expertise and processes in place to build apps for iOS, Android, Web, and PC.

Check out our latest app platform for our newest client (coming Jan 2019): Plumb LLC –