Zero 8 Studios creates, innovates and builds great games. From game design services to slot machine development to mobile, PC and console gaming, Zero 8 Studios provides a comprehensive strategy to make each game a success.

We offer breakthrough technology and experienced technique, combined with daring creativity, to make appealing game play, which stands at the top of the industry. We integrate bold, detailed artwork to create engaging advertisements, cohesive branding, captivating imagery and immersive environments. Our expert game developers utilize in-depth knowledge of game-play and technical design to complement the game spaces and bring story driven elements to life. We have designed for leading cabinet and mobile slot games and keep audiences continually engaged with vibrant animation, colorful symbols, sound and sophisticated engineering. With over a decade of experience and more than 30 contributed titles, we have perfected mobile, PC and console game development at every step of the way.

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Slot Games: Cabinets and Mobile

Beautifully crafted symbol sets from industry professionals who know what players want from their gaming experience. Vibrant animation, colorful symbols, sound, math and engineering. Everything you need to bring new life to your old slot games or establish totally new ones. Either way, Zero 8 prides itself in executing beautifully crafted slot games to appeal to your audience of choice.



Cabinets: We have worked with some of the largest slot manufactures in the world and are well versed in the process required in building slot games of all types.

Mobile: With over a two dozen mobile slot games under our belt we understand what’s required to make your next slot game a success. We are actively building new games by the dozen.

Expertise: Game Math Design, Game Theme Design, 3D Modeling, 2D Illustration, Concept Art, Character Creation, Video Production, Sound Design, UI Design, Engineering, Scripting, Project Management and much more!

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Promotional Games: Casinos and Resorts

New promotional games are appealing, shiny new toys are always enticing! Here at Zero 8 Studios, our goal isn’t just about making a casino more money, well not completely.  It’s about the player becoming immersed in their game experience. The more entertained a guest is, the more likely they will be to return and make your game into a memory.  These memories, and the enjoyment of playing, will automatically mean more revenue for your casino.

Promotions: The art of building innovative games for your audience of choice.  Check out how we turned a basic lottery into a fun and engaging experience unlike you have ever seen.
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Ever had a game concept? Perhaps that concept  was not intended to be a game, if given the right audience, could it become a fun new game that everyone would want to play?  Or maybe its a old game concept that needs to be reinvented? If so, check out how we turned a basic lottery concept on it’s head, to make for a humorous and exciting experience for everyone to enjoy.

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Traditional Video Games: Mobile, PC, and Console


Expertise: Game Design, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Concept Art, Storyboards, Character Design, Environmental Design, Level Design, Prop Creation, Motion Capture, Cinematics, Video Production, Sound Design, UI Design, Game Engineering, Scripting, Project Management, Content Management.

Engine Expertise:

Platforms: PC, iOS, Andriod, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4

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