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Kiosk Platform – PES

Promotional Entertainment System

This on-site kiosk promotional gaming solution sits directly on top of any existing player reward system. Allow players to compete, earn achievements, and win contests with the ultimate way to attract customers. Custom built to fit your needs, from 20 feet and 6 players simultaneously play to single standing low profile options. Perfect for increasing customer traffic in retail locations, casinos, resorts, airports and trade shows. Contact Sales for more information.

Product Features

Designed specifically to appeal to any audience, captivating their attention by introducing game play mechanics found in most social game experiences.

  • Player Leveling
  • Player Achievements 
  • Personal Collections
  • Tournaments Entries
  • Daily Awards
  • Drawing Tickets
  • Character Upgrades
  • Free Daily Swipes
  • + More
  • Using multiple synchronized touch screen displays coupled with the appeal and interaction of a modern day video games.
  • Giving your audience something bright, interactive, and immersive means increased player retention.
  • The millennial generation is used to Free-To-Play games and require more from their game experiences than just a ticket pull.
  • Get them invested by offering a deeper experience using level-ups, collection mechanics, achievements and more.
  • Completely white-labeled, for use on any property.
  • 100% reskinable solution. Update the games’ look and feel as often as you like.
  • The more fun your players have socially the more fun they will have on your property.
  • Fully equipped with connections to property comps, tickets, free-play, tournaments, etc.
  • One button touch system mimics the simplicity of a touchscreen tablet.