Video Games: Mobile, PC, and Console

With every great game character there must be a strong concept behind it. Everyone knows that even the best idea is just an idea unless there is an amazing visual to support it. Believable characters are ultimately what support our stories whether you’re building a video game, promotional game or even a slot machine. In order to tell a story and have people believe in your creation we must first understand the characters. That’s why when Zero 8 makes a character we don’t just build them to spec we work hard to understand the characters history and state of being. This might include their emotional response to a surrounding, personality, history, or where they have traveled. Now we ask ourselves, what would this character look like given all of these experiences? Here at Zero 8 we bring ideas to life with well thought-out, imaginative concepts that are true to their vision.

Digital Media: Motion Graphics

Slot Games: Mobile and Casino

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