Market Research Crucial to Game Sales

updated April 14, 2017

gaming demographic Do you really know who is using your product? Is it children between the ages of 5 and 10, mothers and daughters, mostly boys or girls? This type of information- best known as customer demographics- determine how successful your product will be for your targeted audience. Fully understanding your target market can help find new, potential markets as well as better market to existing customers. Well-researched demographics can be the key to designing a successfully sold and played video game.

If you are interested in creating a video game, demographic research should be your first step. You might think you know who will play your game, but you realistically won’t know the answer until you go to market. Thorough market research is imperative, even if your game design is a sequel.

Also, look into the topic of the game as well as the features and rules you have developed. Will they be well received by your target market? Perhaps your target market needs a game with more customization abilities, or if it’s a game for younger children it might need a simpler explanation in marketing material. Ask yourself if you are just marketing to the target market or if your game could be purchased as a gift, therefore expanding your market significantly to parents, friends and relatives.

Understanding your audience can make your video game, and marketing strategy, better. Speaking directly to players, responding to their needs and giving them the game they want is the way to bring success to your product. Researching demographics is time consuming, but in the end it’s always worth knowing your audience and reacting accordingly. This is in great part because best determining your target demographic will determine marketing methods and platforms. And tapping the right demographic to advertise to is the lifeblood for robust games sales from the starting gate.

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