Frequently Asked Questions

Its a Jungle out there... let us be your guide.

What is Zero8?

Zero8 Studios, based in Reno, Nevada, specializes in new and innovative gamification technologies. With a focus on interactive gamified marketing solutions for use in resorts and casinos around the world.

What does Zero8 do?

Zero8 Studios sole purpose is building games and technology on its proprietary gamification platform that are used to market and engage every generation of players, specifically millennials.

What is “Powered by Zero8 Technology”?

Zero8 uses proprietary tools, math and mechanics to create truly interconnected set of free-to-play game experiences. Bringing players together from around the world under one white labeled solution for use with any casino or resort property.  Zero8’s technology is a hybrid of social arcade games, achievements, leveling systems, highly addictive features and more.  Increasing player traffic, player retention, property impressions, and of course, completely untapped revenue.

How can Zero8 help my property?

Are looking to attract more attention to your property and gain instant revenue? Zero’s proven gamification technology have been widely successful using non traditional marketing tactics.  Zero8 offers two unique products that strategically fit outside of the regulated gaming space. Our white labeled mobile solution offers players hours of entertainment through virtual currency from anywhere in the world. It’s like having your very own “modern day” arcade, with no upkeep and zero cost to you.  The other is an “on property” kiosk gamification solution designed specifically with the intent to engage a younger audience without alienating existing ones.  This system is designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing player reward system.  The days of a simple swipe, enter and win are coming to an end.

What is “The Worlds of Eldorado”?

The “Worlds of Eldorado” features Zero8’s latest cutting edge technology.

A groundbreaking promotional game experience unlike any other!  This new product is now live in downtown Reno at the Eldorado Resort and Casino.

The Worlds of Eldorado allows club members to earn rewards in a new and exciting way, which will appeal to current and millennial players alike. Players are greeted with their own personal dragon, who will guide them throughout their adventure above the clouds.

As they grow through ‘experience’ as you collect gems, these will reward players with Free-Play and drawing tickets, which feature tournaments and other extravagant giveaways.

How is Zero8’s Technology beneficial for my company?

The day’s of cheap looking Flash games are obsolete as players expect much more for their money these days.  

Zero8’s Technology has been built from the ground up from the perspective of the property in mind, giving the unique ability to brand key aspects of the mobile experience as they wish.  Each property product is entirely white labeled, and will provide access to instant revenue and free updates, as well as numerous ways to advertise and promote various parts of their establishment to keep players playing even when they’re not on the property.

With fast integration times and no cost to the property, Zero8’s mobile solution is guaranteed to please.

What services does Zero 8 provide?

From complete game development solutions to promotional gaming solutions, Zero 8 Studios has the structure, experience and expertise to make sure your project succeeds.  See our testimonials.

What is SpinRUSH™ Casino?

SpinRUSH™ Casino is a next generation slot game, aimed at millennials and current slot players alike.  It’s combination of superb graphics, and unique power-up abilities turn the normal ‘spin-to-win’ slot experience into something new and entirely captivating.