What Exactly Goes into Video Game Design

updated April 14, 2017

Gaming DevelopmentYou’ve probably at some point, to some degree, contemplated what exactly went into the production of your favorite video game. At some point you’ve asked yourself, who came up with this concept and what went into selling it developers and releasing it to the public. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
Everything that touches our lives on a daily basis starts with an idea. Video games are no exception. The conception to your favorite video game is deciding what the game is going to be about. From here, the originators decide on what the objective of the game will be. These can be derived from an original concept, television shows, comic books, movies or history. There are also simulation games which cover sports, battle and driving games.

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Once a concept is established, game developers then move onto the pre-production phase. This is when producers, designers, programmers, artists and writers decide on a story line and comprehensive design. This is where level designs and overall mechanics are determined. These different concepts also limit creative freedom to varying degrees, depending on their degree of real-life basis.
Once the blueprints are developed, the production phase then can begin. This is when all teams make sure everyone is working together. This is when the artists build the animations and art and create the texture maps for any 3D elements in the game. This is also when the motion capture team will collect the data for realistic game characters motion-captured. Meanwhile, the programmers work on coding the game’s 2D and 3D engine and artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence determines the physics, collisions, interactions, and movement of every single character and object in the game.
Finally, once all the code has been written, the game development enters the post-production stage. Considered “feature complete,” the game is created as an alpha version and released to the test department. Here any bugs or inconsistencies are weeded out for final release. Once any bugs are addressed, it is sent the console manufacturer for approval and distributed to retail stores for the masses. View some of our video game design portfolio and clients.

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