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Travel Game Block Chain Inc. and Zero 8 Studios Have Begun First Phase of Multi-Dimensional Travel Game Platform

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VANCOUVER, BC — February 14th, 2018 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — ZoomAway Travel Inc. (TSXV: ZMA) (the “Company”) and its wholly owned Canadian subsidiary Travel Game Block Chain Inc. are pleased to announce that Zero 8 Studios ( ) has agreed to work with the company to get the first phase of our patent pending game under way.

The first phase of development includes the finalization of the production budget, creation of the story boards, presentation materials, revenue projections and the creation of a website dedicated specifically to the game.  The two companies expect to have this first phase complete no later than March 15th, 2018.  The goals of the first phase are to have a full presentation available to shareholders and other investors, file for full U.S. Patent protection, and to lay the groundwork for Phase Two which is product demos.

“The decision to have Zero8 involved with the production of this game was an easy one.  With over a decade of technology development experience and progressive production practices, they have proven their ability to build a platform of this scale. The team at Zero8 has worked with numerous clients developing large scale technology systems generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. I am confident that our new travel game platform will be an industry changing product. Our teams work great together, and we are excited to have such an experienced team dedicated to building out our new cutting-edge concept.” Stated Sean Schaeffer, CEO of ZoomAway Travel Inc.

“We are excited to create a new gaming platform that truly combines the best components of multiple industries into one place. We expect to take all the best social features of modern day casual games and give users a reason to explore the locations and amenities of the world around them through an experience unlike anything ever imagined. We excel in developing new and innovative technologies and we believe ZoomAway’s existing blockchain technology lends itself perfectly to this new platform while creating an engaging player experience, beyond anything on the market today.” Stated Ryan Cullins, CEO of Zero8 Studios, Inc.

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SpinRUSH™ – Your branded Casinocade™

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Mobile gaming is a billion dollar industry, and now your business can have it’s own suite of games, at no cost!

Introducing, SpinRUSH Casinocade™ – a brand new social casino platform and arcade!  SpinRUSH™ has games for all types of players, from slot games, to table games and new arcade style games, something for everyone!  SpinRUSH™ features a universal credit system, so any credits won in one game can be used in any other.

The SpinRUSH Casinocade­™ is entirely white-labeled and easily integrated into your existing website, app or platform.  It can be set up for your businesses within a week, adding a brand new revenue stream!  In-game advertising allows you to promote your business, directly to your customer base.  Drive traffic to your business through promotions, giveaways and coupons, all the while reinforcing your brand.

View the new SpinRUSH Casinocade™ marketing video!

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The Rise of Mobile Casino and the Role of Casino Games Studios

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There is no denying that going to the casino has been one of the most popular past times of people everywhere in the world. Researchers at Washington University at St. Louis assessed risks and rates of gambling in 2005.  According to their gambling rates study, approximately 1.6 billion people gamble during any given year with over 4.2 billion having gambled at one time or another.

Locals and tourists look forward to charming lady luck during their trips to cities with casinos and resorts. And even if a number of these people are not serious gamblers, they find going to the casino and playing some games a lot of fun. It is no wonder that the popularity of casino games have been carried over to the world of the internet. Nowadays, people do not need to drive to an actual casino just to enjoy gambling. Casino games are in the palm of anyone’s hand as long as they a reliable hand phone and 4G network.

Fortunately, casino game studios have become very skilled in building amazing online versions of the all-time favorite casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette as well as up and coming new designs for the millennial generation. A casino game website will not be the ‘real thing’ without these games.

Accessibility of Casino Games

About 8 years ago, access to the internet is predominantly from a desktop or laptop.  But by 2016 and growing each year, mobile platforms have not only become more popular than desktops, but they also have overtaken the total internet usage in the US and worldwide.  This makes sense as people in this day and age are always on the go, and they need devices that can facilitate their fast-paced lifestyle. Cutting edge, casino game studios are able to adapt to the ever changing trends of technology.  Our casino game creators have real world experience in making online casino games more suitable for the mobile platform and younger generations. Learn more about Casino Game Developers here.

In fact, according to a leading report, the mobile gambling industry will be worth as estimate of USD 100 billion by 2017. A very remarkable figure that reflects how much the idea of a casino-on-a-go is a big hit for people looking to experience something new and exciting. But an idea is only as good as the execution and casino game studios, and the companies that enlist them, have done their part and so much more.

Mobile casino games are superior to their desktop counterparts because they are more convenient and well, mobile. Casino game studios have successfully harnessed the power of the mobile app technology. It is an exciting future for resorts looking to reach a new audience like never before.

Today, the very best Casino Games Studios have products in the market that make mobile casino playing very straightforward and easy to implement. Our mobile casino software is compatible with the major mobile operating platforms like Android and iOs. Allowing Casino’s and Resorts to reach out to a wider set of potential clients. Online casino gaming apps are also readily available on iTunes and Google Play.

Marketing Mobile Casinos

For a particular mobile casino company to succeed, the technology must not only be perfect, but it must also integrate excellent marketing strategies. Physical casinos lure their potential returning clients by offering excellent customer service, and of course, the ‘famous’ free food and drink. Well, you can’t really give mobile users free beer, but casino games studios found other ways of enticing like giving various rewards. For instance, the best mobile casino platforms entice new users by offering them free games and amazing deals. Brilliant marketing schemes such as this, have played a very important role in making online casino the success that it is today. The best online casino sites out there do not only keep their mobile gaming technology to the highest standards, but they are also brilliant at finding ways to grow their revenue by understanding how their clientele behave.



What Exactly Goes into Video Game Design

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updated April 14, 2017

Gaming DevelopmentYou’ve probably at some point, to some degree, contemplated what exactly went into the production of your favorite video game. At some point you’ve asked yourself, who came up with this concept and what went into selling it developers and releasing it to the public. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
Everything that touches our lives on a daily basis starts with an idea. Video games are no exception. The conception to your favorite video game is deciding what the game is going to be about. From here, the originators decide on what the objective of the game will be. These can be derived from an original concept, television shows, comic books, movies or history. There are also simulation games which cover sports, battle and driving games.

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Once a concept is established, game developers then move onto the pre-production phase. This is when producers, designers, programmers, artists and writers decide on a story line and comprehensive design. This is where level designs and overall mechanics are determined. These different concepts also limit creative freedom to varying degrees, depending on their degree of real-life basis.
Once the blueprints are developed, the production phase then can begin. This is when all teams make sure everyone is working together. This is when the artists build the animations and art and create the texture maps for any 3D elements in the game. This is also when the motion capture team will collect the data for realistic game characters motion-captured. Meanwhile, the programmers work on coding the game’s 2D and 3D engine and artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence determines the physics, collisions, interactions, and movement of every single character and object in the game.
Finally, once all the code has been written, the game development enters the post-production stage. Considered “feature complete,” the game is created as an alpha version and released to the test department. Here any bugs or inconsistencies are weeded out for final release. Once any bugs are addressed, it is sent the console manufacturer for approval and distributed to retail stores for the masses. View some of our video game design portfolio and clients.