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Travel Game Block Chain Inc. and Zero 8 Studios Have Begun First Phase of Multi-Dimensional Travel Game Platform

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VANCOUVER, BC — February 14th, 2018 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — ZoomAway Travel Inc. (TSXV: ZMA) (the “Company”) and its wholly owned Canadian subsidiary Travel Game Block Chain Inc. are pleased to announce that Zero 8 Studios ( ) has agreed to work with the company to get the first phase of our patent pending game under way.

The first phase of development includes the finalization of the production budget, creation of the story boards, presentation materials, revenue projections and the creation of a website dedicated specifically to the game.  The two companies expect to have this first phase complete no later than March 15th, 2018.  The goals of the first phase are to have a full presentation available to shareholders and other investors, file for full U.S. Patent protection, and to lay the groundwork for Phase Two which is product demos.

“The decision to have Zero8 involved with the production of this game was an easy one.  With over a decade of technology development experience and progressive production practices, they have proven their ability to build a platform of this scale. The team at Zero8 has worked with numerous clients developing large scale technology systems generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. I am confident that our new travel game platform will be an industry changing product. Our teams work great together, and we are excited to have such an experienced team dedicated to building out our new cutting-edge concept.” Stated Sean Schaeffer, CEO of ZoomAway Travel Inc.

“We are excited to create a new gaming platform that truly combines the best components of multiple industries into one place. We expect to take all the best social features of modern day casual games and give users a reason to explore the locations and amenities of the world around them through an experience unlike anything ever imagined. We excel in developing new and innovative technologies and we believe ZoomAway’s existing blockchain technology lends itself perfectly to this new platform while creating an engaging player experience, beyond anything on the market today.” Stated Ryan Cullins, CEO of Zero8 Studios, Inc.

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How to Stand Out as a top Reno Game Designer

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Game design in Reno takes on various forms. Mobile slots, casino games, roulette, online poker, and many other popular games. Because of this, as a Reno game designer, not only do you have to know how to promote and sell the games you develop, you also have to know how to sell yourself as a leading designer in the market for both online platforms and apps, as well as for local casino games your company develops. So, how do you go about proving your worth in the industry, and gaining more clients in this extremely popular field?

These are a few ways.

1. Showcase your games –
As a Reno game designer, the best possible way to show casinos and app developers what you can do is to actually show them other games you have developed and designed. Let them play some of the games, find out how well they work, how many times they have been downloaded, how much players can play, and so forth. Casinos are in the industry to make money, as are mobile app developers. As a designer for games, you have to showcase how you can help them make those profits, via the quality of the games you are going to develop for them, and for the customers they are providing a service to.

2. Show your experience –
How long have you worked as a Reno game designer in the field? How many games have you produced and sold? Who are your popular and major clients you deal with in this large market? All of these factors are going to play a major role in proving your worth as a developer, and in helping you gain a new audience base as well. You need to sell yourself, prove why you are the top designer, and showcase the quality of the product you are selling. Basically you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from other designers and developers, in order to attract new gaming clients in the Reno market.

3. Offer packages/promos –
Casinos love to make money as do development companies which sell online apps to customers. So show they how they can make more of a profit when using the apps and games you design as a Reno game designer. Show them how you can package several games for a lower price, or create higher quality gaming for a more reasonable price than other local competitors. If you can prove to them you offer a superior product, while still helping the company earn a profit, they are more likely to choose you as a designer and developer, as opposed to other local companies they can hire in the Reno market.

4. Offer an incentive –
It is also a good idea to offer some kind of incentive as a designer. If you can create future games for them, if you can develop more than one game at a time, or if you can offer them some form of saving in comparison to what other designers are offering, these are all ways in which you can possible attract new clients in this industry. It is a very competitive field, and only the top designers in gaming are going to stand out. So as a Reno game designer, you have to find ways to showcase your skills, your qualifications, and offer the best deal to the client, in order to gain a new customer audience. You have to stand out in terms of quality and pricing, and if you can offer superior gaming which will lead to greater profits for your customer, they are likely to choose you over other designers in the Reno market.

With such a competitive niche field, it is extremely important for local Reno game designers to showcase why they are the top choice for gaming design and development. No matter who your target audience is, whether it is online gaming app designers or local casinos, you need to offer a superior product, and the best possible pricing. These are a few ways you can go about attracting new and potential clients, and selling yourself as a top designer. Further, these things allow you to promote your product, your name, and to eventually grow as a trusted developer in the casino game industry as well.

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The Rise of Mobile Casino and the Role of Casino Games Studios

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There is no denying that going to the casino has been one of the most popular past times of people everywhere in the world. Researchers at Washington University at St. Louis assessed risks and rates of gambling in 2005.  According to their gambling rates study, approximately 1.6 billion people gamble during any given year with over 4.2 billion having gambled at one time or another.

Locals and tourists look forward to charming lady luck during their trips to cities with casinos and resorts. And even if a number of these people are not serious gamblers, they find going to the casino and playing some games a lot of fun. It is no wonder that the popularity of casino games have been carried over to the world of the internet. Nowadays, people do not need to drive to an actual casino just to enjoy gambling. Casino games are in the palm of anyone’s hand as long as they a reliable hand phone and 4G network.

Fortunately, casino game studios have become very skilled in building amazing online versions of the all-time favorite casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette as well as up and coming new designs for the millennial generation. A casino game website will not be the ‘real thing’ without these games.

Accessibility of Casino Games

About 8 years ago, access to the internet is predominantly from a desktop or laptop.  But by 2016 and growing each year, mobile platforms have not only become more popular than desktops, but they also have overtaken the total internet usage in the US and worldwide.  This makes sense as people in this day and age are always on the go, and they need devices that can facilitate their fast-paced lifestyle. Cutting edge, casino game studios are able to adapt to the ever changing trends of technology.  Our casino game creators have real world experience in making online casino games more suitable for the mobile platform and younger generations. Learn more about Casino Game Developers here.

In fact, according to a leading report, the mobile gambling industry will be worth as estimate of USD 100 billion by 2017. A very remarkable figure that reflects how much the idea of a casino-on-a-go is a big hit for people looking to experience something new and exciting. But an idea is only as good as the execution and casino game studios, and the companies that enlist them, have done their part and so much more.

Mobile casino games are superior to their desktop counterparts because they are more convenient and well, mobile. Casino game studios have successfully harnessed the power of the mobile app technology. It is an exciting future for resorts looking to reach a new audience like never before.

Today, the very best Casino Games Studios have products in the market that make mobile casino playing very straightforward and easy to implement. Our mobile casino software is compatible with the major mobile operating platforms like Android and iOs. Allowing Casino’s and Resorts to reach out to a wider set of potential clients. Online casino gaming apps are also readily available on iTunes and Google Play.

Marketing Mobile Casinos

For a particular mobile casino company to succeed, the technology must not only be perfect, but it must also integrate excellent marketing strategies. Physical casinos lure their potential returning clients by offering excellent customer service, and of course, the ‘famous’ free food and drink. Well, you can’t really give mobile users free beer, but casino games studios found other ways of enticing like giving various rewards. For instance, the best mobile casino platforms entice new users by offering them free games and amazing deals. Brilliant marketing schemes such as this, have played a very important role in making online casino the success that it is today. The best online casino sites out there do not only keep their mobile gaming technology to the highest standards, but they are also brilliant at finding ways to grow their revenue by understanding how their clientele behave.



Why is the Visual Delivery of your Resort Brand important?

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Video Game Design Company 

updated April 14, 2017

When the ordinary is passed along to someone else, no matter how well-intentioned, it typically will always be seen as still ordinary. Your message to your audience has to play on the strengths that can come from the power of persuasion. This can be marked by your own deliberate effort of creating an appealing world for your words to live in. Why just communicate mere facts about yourself, your business, or your product when you have a chance at offering your audience a more spellbinding display of persuasion? Multimedia solutions create entirely new worlds of technical artistry and well-designed communication of concepts that are based on the latest digital entertainment production. All of the structural elements of a memorable impact message find their beginning at this place as professional art direction is applied to your project and top-tier design principles are established. The facts you wish to send out in the form a message take on special significance when you have had them fully integrated into an entire digitally produced world that has been specially designed just for them. Nothing can be misinterpreted as being ordinary because the project work you gain back from professional multimedia design will be spectacular in every way possible. That’s our guarantee to you.

video game designIntroduce style to the substance.

Everyone likes to look their best. Appearances matter. Dress to impress. We have all heard these types of catch phrases. They represent some very common knowledge which is held by many of us today. It’s not enough to simply exist. The biggest attractions begin to happen when style is applied to something which by itself might only be considered basic. Multimedia services is an authoritative source for finding and directing style points into your project and your message. Across so many media landscapes, it’s easy to see the wide influence that proper art direction and design styling plays in making memorable impact messages win our attention and stay in our thought processes. By using a collection of multimedia industry standard developmental tools and production techniques, a colorfully rich embodiment of your project or message comes to life and carries with it elements of style that will impress. Video Game Design Company.

Mere words become entertaining.

Your message becomes something of a visual nature in the sense that it might be the kind that is composed of textual words or a corporate identity being shown on screen. The strength of our language can many times be found in the way we present it. Letter forms and the graphical personalities that are inherent in their font types have always historically been hallmarks of societies and culture. Many of them are pieces of art unto themselves and cherished icons of great design. Proper communication is grounded in the first impressionable moments that an aesthetically pleasing font delivers to a viewer. Having said that, it’s important to use fonts and other graphically designed elements in a professional manner so that your words become entertaining to your audience during the same time as they are advertising a series of facts. Multimedia services can give you distinctively styled and fully animated broadcast productions where your message and your words draw in viewers and entertain them with ways to be remembered.

Offer a glimpse into the future.

One of the pathways to explore with multimedia services is to be as creative as possible in showing your audience a glimpse into the future. Many times there are no limits as to what can be achieved from a technical point of view when it comes to digital production tools, so it is always to your advantage to think big and produce your work to that level accordingly. If it is your ambition to promote a product, an event, a televised production, or any other kind of entertainment, be daring and try creating experiences for your audience that are forward thinking and intellectually mesmerizing. Show them something new. Invent a future for them. This is your chance at trying to predict 3 years out or 5 years out from now for what you see could be changing on the horizon. Paradigm shifts do indeed happen in commerce, in culture, in entertainment, and it’s your job to be first at spotting the next big trend or must-have ingredient for life. Multimedia services makes doing this fun and technically possible since all of the creative tools are already here right now today and they are ready to assist you in fulfilling your vision for your message.

What Exactly Goes into Video Game Design

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updated April 14, 2017

Gaming DevelopmentYou’ve probably at some point, to some degree, contemplated what exactly went into the production of your favorite video game. At some point you’ve asked yourself, who came up with this concept and what went into selling it developers and releasing it to the public. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
Everything that touches our lives on a daily basis starts with an idea. Video games are no exception. The conception to your favorite video game is deciding what the game is going to be about. From here, the originators decide on what the objective of the game will be. These can be derived from an original concept, television shows, comic books, movies or history. There are also simulation games which cover sports, battle and driving games.

video game design companies
Once a concept is established, game developers then move onto the pre-production phase. This is when producers, designers, programmers, artists and writers decide on a story line and comprehensive design. This is where level designs and overall mechanics are determined. These different concepts also limit creative freedom to varying degrees, depending on their degree of real-life basis.
Once the blueprints are developed, the production phase then can begin. This is when all teams make sure everyone is working together. This is when the artists build the animations and art and create the texture maps for any 3D elements in the game. This is also when the motion capture team will collect the data for realistic game characters motion-captured. Meanwhile, the programmers work on coding the game’s 2D and 3D engine and artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence determines the physics, collisions, interactions, and movement of every single character and object in the game.
Finally, once all the code has been written, the game development enters the post-production stage. Considered “feature complete,” the game is created as an alpha version and released to the test department. Here any bugs or inconsistencies are weeded out for final release. Once any bugs are addressed, it is sent the console manufacturer for approval and distributed to retail stores for the masses. View some of our video game design portfolio and clients.

Why Console Gaming might be Losing Ground

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32031103_S(1)Console gaming has been a part of our American fabric since the advent of Atari 2600 back in 1977. There was even the Magnavox Odyssey preceding it, first introduced in 1972. Since then, console gaming sowed the seeds for an entire industry, an industry which is increasingly facing market competition.
From the first 8-bit, single player digital gaming console, they have evolved to extremely powerful, multiuse, internet-connected, Blu-ray disc- playing, 256 MB DDR3 RAM, social-gaming machines. Through the 1980’s and 1990’s, such mainstays as Sega and Nintendo started cornering the market with machines twice as fast, first with NES, then with Super Nintendo, Genesis and N64.
The arms race really heated up with Sony introducing its PlayStation and Microsoft having launched Xbox. With this, seamless isometric and ¾ display became the standard, especially in RPGs. Cult followings for first person shooter and 3D gaming began to take root. The market was booming as console sequels were introduced, offering new and better graphics and networking features. Slowly there was a competing medium evolving in step with the digital gaming console.
You can barely even refer to smartphones as phones anymore. Because the title “phone” implies using the device to talk to people, they should more accurately be called “smart communication devices” or “hand computers.” For smartphone users, talking is a mere fraction of what they use their devices for, generally less than 25%. The average American mostly uses their device for texting, checking email and using internet applications.
Smartphones nowadays are in fact so evolved and so powerful from what they were just a couple years ago, storage options now of 128GB dwarf that of earlier designs ten times over from less than a decade ago. An iPhone 6 actually has more memory and computing capability than all of NASA in 1969. This capacity is perfect for graphics and gaming, obviously, but offers something home gaming consoles cannot; convenience and portability.
Given how much the mobile phone market has evolved from just 5 years ago, to offer the most powerful ever handheld devices, mobile gaming has become a legitimate contender in the gaming market. Increasingly giving such industry giants as Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox a run for the money, mobile gaming options offer a gaming experience to users just as fast.
This is in great part why Xbox, for example has sold 6 million units since its initial release. If you think that’s a pretty solid showing, consider this; iPhone sells 10 million units every weekend. So now you have some comprehension of how many more iPhones are in circulation than are gaming consoles, even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer, you realize the mobile gaming market is a naturally superior market to home gaming consoles. Aside from the diehard gamers, people will value convenience and portability when it comes to gaming, both of which their extremely powerful smartphones can offer.

The Basics of Game Design

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updated April 14, 2017

When so many components have to come together to create a great video game, a lot can go wrong.

Experienced video game designers will tell you there are many potential game design pitfalls. A good finished game originates in a good game design process, whereby the project fires on all pistons.

Accounting for a few things will help push your project toward success.

Lacking Design Tools
How can a plumber get a job done without a wrench or how can an electrician work without a continuity tester? Just like in all industries, game designers need the tools to get their work done. And if they don’t have access to these, design is done incorrectly or unfinished. And if this means sloppy coding, then it also makes for unproductive designers. Having to consistently reach out to programmer for coding fixes throws a designer off rhythm. When designers can work uninterrupted, they are generally more focused and productive.
Not Allowing Enough ‘Play Time’
Designers know gaming. Allotting time for them to actually play and experience the product they are creating allows them to catch inaccuracies or coding issues. And turning out a refined game that won’t leave your end users scratching their head or complaining about you online takes a fair deal of designer playtime. Experiencing the game and the entire product for what it is has a large impact on the quality and efficiency of the design process.

resort marketing ideas
Disregarding Input
The more trials gaming companies initiate, the more feedback they will field. This feedback is among the most important components to consider before final release. General public and inter-office peer review is a must, but will lack effectiveness without efficient leadership and initiation. Regimented, scheduled peer and public review could mean the difference between rave reception with a cult following and a dud.

Zero8 Studios specializes in designing and development state of the art, video games with ROI in mind. Our team of talented software designers and engineers bring a wealth of real world game design experience to every video game design project we take on. Learn more about our video game design services here. 

Market Research Crucial to Game Sales

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updated April 14, 2017

gaming demographic Do you really know who is using your product? Is it children between the ages of 5 and 10, mothers and daughters, mostly boys or girls? This type of information- best known as customer demographics- determine how successful your product will be for your targeted audience. Fully understanding your target market can help find new, potential markets as well as better market to existing customers. Well-researched demographics can be the key to designing a successfully sold and played video game.

If you are interested in creating a video game, demographic research should be your first step. You might think you know who will play your game, but you realistically won’t know the answer until you go to market. Thorough market research is imperative, even if your game design is a sequel.

Also, look into the topic of the game as well as the features and rules you have developed. Will they be well received by your target market? Perhaps your target market needs a game with more customization abilities, or if it’s a game for younger children it might need a simpler explanation in marketing material. Ask yourself if you are just marketing to the target market or if your game could be purchased as a gift, therefore expanding your market significantly to parents, friends and relatives.

Understanding your audience can make your video game, and marketing strategy, better. Speaking directly to players, responding to their needs and giving them the game they want is the way to bring success to your product. Researching demographics is time consuming, but in the end it’s always worth knowing your audience and reacting accordingly. This is in great part because best determining your target demographic will determine marketing methods and platforms. And tapping the right demographic to advertise to is the lifeblood for robust games sales from the starting gate.