Building Better Gaming Promos

updated April 14, 2017

Everyone who has ever been to a casino has seen a gaming promotion, or maybe they have and didn’t know what it was.  Casinos already do a great job of attracting the attention of their players through advertising cars or cash when you play slots. But, how do they appeal to a broader audience once they have their attention? Enter Zero8 Studios, premier Video Game Design Company.

Promotional games are the same old games that players know and love. Bingo is just bingo and has its own appeal if you are someone who is attracted to ball being pulled from a hopper. This is the same with keno and lotteries. What if we gave your players something more entertaining than just bingo balls? What if we found a way to curb confusion or intimidation for a new player?

At Zero8 Studios our job is to work with your marketing department to understand your brand and build innovative games around what people already know and love. We have been using our innovative methods and vast experience in the gaming space for many years to help casinos appeal to their audience of choice.

With high-end computer graphics and engineering, Zero8 can build an experience unlike any your players have ever seen. Our background in console games can introduce new traffic and entice a younger audience. Studies show players are drawn to character driven experiences.  What they remember are fun, lighthearted characters that are humorous and engaging. Games are more likely to create returning players when it it’s something that they can easily identify with. We take this concept and combine it with the foundation of games that people all know and love- like bingo, lotto and keno.


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