SpinRUSH™ Games 2.9.2 is now available!

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Join the fun! Newly released version of SpinRUSH® Games Platform.

What’s new 2.9.2 (December 2017)

  • Holiday Sale running Dec 21st – Jan 15th
  • Facebook game snyc for multiple devices under one account
  • 20 New Beachcomber Stages
  • 20 New Fancy Fruit Stages
  • Game Balancing Defendant
  • Better Payouts and Bonuses in all slot games
  • Holiday IAP Sale
  • Web Portal Dashboard
  • Refresh fixed in BETA Dashboards
  • New “Property Share” Feature

What’s new 2.8.0 (November 2017)

  • Offline mode! Keep playing from anywhere!
  • Standardized IAP across the entire application
  • Removed Player Level cap
  • Removed Player Level locks on all Slot games
  • Updated global/friend overall leaderboards from: # Achievements to Player Level
  • New Achievement and achievement presentation updates
  • New Quests
  • Lobby star presentation updates
  • Revamped general game UI with QoL updates for players.
  • Free credits balancing and UI updates
  • New Beachcomber levels
  • New analytics metrics and bug fixes revamp as of 10/8
  • Deprecation of sub lobbies improving overall speed and # of downloads for players.
  • BI solution for game analytics through the SpinRUSH® DASH
  • Featured game functionality
  • Seasonal game functionality
  • IAP holiday sales

SpinRUSH® Games Platform version 2.4.0 is now live!

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SpinRUSH® Games has a new update with brand new features! SpinRUSH® now includes leader boards!  Compete with your friends, and see their progress as they play games! Logging into Facebook the first time you receive 20,000 credits, so don’t wait! Do you have more stars in Slots than your friends? What about Beachcomber? Have you completed all 100 levels? Leader boards bring a new level of competition to your game!

In the daily rewards window, two new tabs are now active. These are the quests and achievement tabs.

Daily Quests have also been added allowing you additional rewards for completing them. There are different quests for different games, but if you find that one is too difficult, or you don’t feel like playing that game, you’re allowed to discard the quest once and receive another random quest. You receive one quest a day, and can have up to three at any time.

SpinRUSH® now features achievements! These can be completed at any time, and are achieved by doing all sorts of things in SpinRUSH®! For instance, you can complete an achievement simply by collecting your daily gift!

Highlight feature: A new real-time world wide progressive jackpot has been added to both Keno, and Double Double Bonus Video Poker! You must max bet in both games to qualify.

Quests, achievements and daily rewards will give added credits for free and are a great way to find interesting ways to play SpinRUSH®!

SpinRUSH™ still has all your favorite slot, table and arcade games. Don’t forget to try the new version of Video Poker – Double Double Bonus! Have you completed all 100 levels of Beachcomber?

Release notes:

SpinRUSH® Games Version 2.4.0

  • Friends list has been added, for Facebook friends who play SpinRUSH™ and you are able to see each others progress.
  • Leader boards have been added to all games and lobbies which allow you to compete with your friends!
  • A progressive jackpot has been added to Keno and Double Double Bonus Video Poker. To be able to qualify for the progressive, you must max bet in both games.

Added quests and achievements for all games. These are tracked in the same window as daily rewards.

Bug Fixes:
– Corrected a payout issue in Blackjack if the dealer bust and the player had been dealt a blackjack.
– Corrected a few UI presentation issues that could occur in Blackjack, Video Poker, and Beachcomber.
– Misc. Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, and dozens of cosmetic improvements.

Download now on iOS and Android


Introducing SpinRUSH Casinocade™!

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Check out the latest social casino platform from Zero8 Studios, Inc. — SpinRUSH Casinocade.

This all-new social casino and arcade offers something for everyone.  With old favorites such as slot and table games, and exciting new our new arcade style games, and upcoming games that will break mold in regards to how people view social casinos and arcades on mobile!  SpinRUSH™ also features a universal credit system, so any credits won or purchased work for every game!

Monthly updates to games will expand the Casinocade™ to include additional sections such as trivia, traditional bar games, and even true skill games.

For businesses, SpinRUSH™ offers a whole new revenue stream, and allows for entire game, branded for YOUR business.  This unique social casino and arcade is easily integrated into your current app, website or platform.  Drive traffic to your business through advertising, promotions and giveaways! The new revenue stream is implemented absolutely FREE. SpinRUSH™ can be played by your customers, using your branding within a week!  Keep your customers engaged while promoting your brand 24 hours a day!

Sign up at www.spinrush.com today!

SpinRUSH™ – Your branded Casinocade™

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Mobile gaming is a billion dollar industry, and now your business can have it’s own suite of games, at no cost!

Introducing, SpinRUSH Casinocade™ – a brand new social casino platform and arcade!  SpinRUSH™ has games for all types of players, from slot games, to table games and new arcade style games, something for everyone!  SpinRUSH™ features a universal credit system, so any credits won in one game can be used in any other.

The SpinRUSH Casinocade­™ is entirely white-labeled and easily integrated into your existing website, app or platform.  It can be set up for your businesses within a week, adding a brand new revenue stream!  In-game advertising allows you to promote your business, directly to your customer base.  Drive traffic to your business through promotions, giveaways and coupons, all the while reinforcing your brand.

View the new SpinRUSH Casinocade™ marketing video!

SpinRUSH™ Version 2.3 Available Now!

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SpinRUSH™ version 2.3 is available now for download!

New in this update for this social casino platform is another addition to the Table’s lobby, Keno! Play this tried and true game that dates back to ancient China.  Choose between 1-10 numbers and test your luck to see how many you match! Match more numbers to win bigger prizes!

Another addition is the Double Double Bonus Video Poker game!  Double Double Bonus has increased payouts for special four-of-a-kind hands.  With five different potential payouts, landing one of these hands will get you even more credits than in Jacks or Better or even Double Bonus Poker!

We also have done some optimization, as well as some bug fixes, making sure your SpinRUSH™ experience is better than ever.

Version notes:

New Games:
– Keno has been added to the Tables lobby.
– Double Double Bonus Video Poker will be released June 15th in the Tables Lobby.

-Invite your friends via Facebook to play SpinRUSH Casinocade.

Bug Fixes:
– Corrected a payout issue in Blackjack if the dealer busts and the player had been dealt a blackjack.
– Corrected a few UI presentation issues that could occur in Blackjack, VideoPoker, and Beachcomber.
– Misc. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

SpinRUSH™ 2.2.1 release is live!

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SpinRUSH™ has unveiled it’s brand new, arcade lobby.

The arcade will be the home of the newer social arcade games, where you are able to have a unique game experience that you won’t find in any online casino. SpinRUSH™ continues to be a unique Social Casino Platform built for current and new players.

The first game, Beachcomber is a match 3 style game, where you are matching sea glass in 100 exciting levels.  Easy to pick up, hard to set down, Beachcomber is a new style of game where your matches are the bets, and you win credits at the end of every game!  Whether it’s getting points, obtaining treasures, clearing sea foam, or collecting a specific amount of sea glass, Beachcomber is hours of fun.  Can you get three stars on all the levels?

Also in this release is the next game in our Tables area, Double Bonus Video Poker! This version plays the same as Jacks or Better, but it doubles your bonus multipliers! This of course means bigger wins for you!

Also implemented in this latest is the start of Facebook integration and our daily rewards!  Get increasing rewards for logging in multiple days in a row! Short on credits? Watch a video and you’ll be rewarded. And be sure to log into Facebook and collect  your free 20,000 credits!

Don’t forget our beautifully rendered slot games, and our original table offerings of Jacks or Better Video Poker or Blackjack! Truly something for everyone!

Version Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a few UI presentation issues that could occur in Blackjack, Video Poker and Beachcomber
  • Misc. bug fixes and performance improvements.

SpinRUSH™ 2.1.0 is now live!

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SpinRUSH™, your social casino platform, has two exciting new additions to it’s Tables lobby!

Hit big with a royal flush in the new Jacks or Better Video Poker!  Be sure to try out this new take on an old classic.

Blackjack also joins the list of Table games that are available on SpinRUSH™! Play up to three hands against the dealer, including 2-1 payouts for blackjacks, doubling down, insurance and more!

Also added were the dates that you can see below games to find out when your next favorite game is about to be included in the app to play.

Version Notes:

New Games! (Tables Lobby)
– Hit big with a royal flush in a video poker classic with new Jacks or Better Poker!
– Play up to three hands at a table against the dealer in Blackjack!

General –
– Updated the list of games coming soon in the lobbies.

Misc –
– General bug fixes and performance improvements.

How to Stand Out as a top Reno Game Designer

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Game design in Reno takes on various forms. Mobile slots, casino games, roulette, online poker, and many other popular games. Because of this, as a Reno game designer, not only do you have to know how to promote and sell the games you develop, you also have to know how to sell yourself as a leading designer in the market for both online platforms and apps, as well as for local casino games your company develops. So, how do you go about proving your worth in the industry, and gaining more clients in this extremely popular field?

These are a few ways.

1. Showcase your games –
As a Reno game designer, the best possible way to show casinos and app developers what you can do is to actually show them other games you have developed and designed. Let them play some of the games, find out how well they work, how many times they have been downloaded, how much players can play, and so forth. Casinos are in the industry to make money, as are mobile app developers. As a designer for games, you have to showcase how you can help them make those profits, via the quality of the games you are going to develop for them, and for the customers they are providing a service to.

2. Show your experience –
How long have you worked as a Reno game designer in the field? How many games have you produced and sold? Who are your popular and major clients you deal with in this large market? All of these factors are going to play a major role in proving your worth as a developer, and in helping you gain a new audience base as well. You need to sell yourself, prove why you are the top designer, and showcase the quality of the product you are selling. Basically you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from other designers and developers, in order to attract new gaming clients in the Reno market.

3. Offer packages/promos –
Casinos love to make money as do development companies which sell online apps to customers. So show they how they can make more of a profit when using the apps and games you design as a Reno game designer. Show them how you can package several games for a lower price, or create higher quality gaming for a more reasonable price than other local competitors. If you can prove to them you offer a superior product, while still helping the company earn a profit, they are more likely to choose you as a designer and developer, as opposed to other local companies they can hire in the Reno market.

4. Offer an incentive –
It is also a good idea to offer some kind of incentive as a designer. If you can create future games for them, if you can develop more than one game at a time, or if you can offer them some form of saving in comparison to what other designers are offering, these are all ways in which you can possible attract new clients in this industry. It is a very competitive field, and only the top designers in gaming are going to stand out. So as a Reno game designer, you have to find ways to showcase your skills, your qualifications, and offer the best deal to the client, in order to gain a new customer audience. You have to stand out in terms of quality and pricing, and if you can offer superior gaming which will lead to greater profits for your customer, they are likely to choose you over other designers in the Reno market.

With such a competitive niche field, it is extremely important for local Reno game designers to showcase why they are the top choice for gaming design and development. No matter who your target audience is, whether it is online gaming app designers or local casinos, you need to offer a superior product, and the best possible pricing. These are a few ways you can go about attracting new and potential clients, and selling yourself as a top designer. Further, these things allow you to promote your product, your name, and to eventually grow as a trusted developer in the casino game industry as well.

zero8 studios

The Rise of Mobile Casino and the Role of Casino Games Studios

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There is no denying that going to the casino has been one of the most popular past times of people everywhere in the world. Researchers at Washington University at St. Louis assessed risks and rates of gambling in 2005.  According to their gambling rates study, approximately 1.6 billion people gamble during any given year with over 4.2 billion having gambled at one time or another.

Locals and tourists look forward to charming lady luck during their trips to cities with casinos and resorts. And even if a number of these people are not serious gamblers, they find going to the casino and playing some games a lot of fun. It is no wonder that the popularity of casino games have been carried over to the world of the internet. Nowadays, people do not need to drive to an actual casino just to enjoy gambling. Casino games are in the palm of anyone’s hand as long as they a reliable hand phone and 4G network.

Fortunately, casino game studios have become very skilled in building amazing online versions of the all-time favorite casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette as well as up and coming new designs for the millennial generation. A casino game website will not be the ‘real thing’ without these games.

Accessibility of Casino Games

About 8 years ago, access to the internet is predominantly from a desktop or laptop.  But by 2016 and growing each year, mobile platforms have not only become more popular than desktops, but they also have overtaken the total internet usage in the US and worldwide.  This makes sense as people in this day and age are always on the go, and they need devices that can facilitate their fast-paced lifestyle. Cutting edge, casino game studios are able to adapt to the ever changing trends of technology.  Our casino game creators have real world experience in making online casino games more suitable for the mobile platform and younger generations. Learn more about Casino Game Developers here.

In fact, according to a leading report, the mobile gambling industry will be worth as estimate of USD 100 billion by 2017. A very remarkable figure that reflects how much the idea of a casino-on-a-go is a big hit for people looking to experience something new and exciting. But an idea is only as good as the execution and casino game studios, and the companies that enlist them, have done their part and so much more.

Mobile casino games are superior to their desktop counterparts because they are more convenient and well, mobile. Casino game studios have successfully harnessed the power of the mobile app technology. It is an exciting future for resorts looking to reach a new audience like never before.

Today, the very best Casino Games Studios have products in the market that make mobile casino playing very straightforward and easy to implement. Our mobile casino software is compatible with the major mobile operating platforms like Android and iOs. Allowing Casino’s and Resorts to reach out to a wider set of potential clients. Online casino gaming apps are also readily available on iTunes and Google Play.

Marketing Mobile Casinos

For a particular mobile casino company to succeed, the technology must not only be perfect, but it must also integrate excellent marketing strategies. Physical casinos lure their potential returning clients by offering excellent customer service, and of course, the ‘famous’ free food and drink. Well, you can’t really give mobile users free beer, but casino games studios found other ways of enticing like giving various rewards. For instance, the best mobile casino platforms entice new users by offering them free games and amazing deals. Brilliant marketing schemes such as this, have played a very important role in making online casino the success that it is today. The best online casino sites out there do not only keep their mobile gaming technology to the highest standards, but they are also brilliant at finding ways to grow their revenue by understanding how their clientele behave.