The Basics of Game Design

By October 25, 2014Game Design

updated April 14, 2017

When so many components have to come together to create a great video game, a lot can go wrong.

Experienced video game designers will tell you there are many potential game design pitfalls. A good finished game originates in a good game design process, whereby the project fires on all pistons.

Accounting for a few things will help push your project toward success.

Lacking Design Tools
How can a plumber get a job done without a wrench or how can an electrician work without a continuity tester? Just like in all industries, game designers need the tools to get their work done. And if they don’t have access to these, design is done incorrectly or unfinished. And if this means sloppy coding, then it also makes for unproductive designers. Having to consistently reach out to programmer for coding fixes throws a designer off rhythm. When designers can work uninterrupted, they are generally more focused and productive.
Not Allowing Enough ‘Play Time’
Designers know gaming. Allotting time for them to actually play and experience the product they are creating allows them to catch inaccuracies or coding issues. And turning out a refined game that won’t leave your end users scratching their head or complaining about you online takes a fair deal of designer playtime. Experiencing the game and the entire product for what it is has a large impact on the quality and efficiency of the design process.

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Disregarding Input
The more trials gaming companies initiate, the more feedback they will field. This feedback is among the most important components to consider before final release. General public and inter-office peer review is a must, but will lack effectiveness without efficient leadership and initiation. Regimented, scheduled peer and public review could mean the difference between rave reception with a cult following and a dud.

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